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You've got mail - reinviting to a functional forum

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  • You've got mail - reinviting to a functional forum

    A message has just been broadcasted out to our members. It looks like this:

    You receive this e-mail since you are registered at Tornevall Networks forumportal (also known as Tornis Forum). The forum has, due to the bigger hype of Facebook that ocurred for several years ago (somewhere at 2007), pushed itself into the shadows and the forum has been more and more messier. The lack of time is also a cause of why the site has'nt been cleaned up. The first target audience for reality shows and Big Brother has almost completely disappeared (R.I.P 2006).

    However, in the last day "Tornis" has got itself a little cleanup so that can be used effectively for something again. What the new goal is, is currently unknown. But as communities on the internet has been rougher, I can feel that a forum that lies outside the Facebook-sphere could be useful. At least because user accounts not randomly gets banned, as it does at Facebook. The biggest change is therefore the subforum "Internet Developers" or as it is called at Facebook: "Making internet a better place", which fits the current time quite well. The goal is to [try] fight fake news and clickbaits.

    "Tornis" prior subforums are still there, but for the sake of order moved into "Tornis Golden Ages" and is currently a legacy product for the history (and it's still writable). The new forums are currently empty but not as messy as the old. "Fikarummet" is the only exception.

    This mail also goes out to you for another reason; since you have got it, you probably also have an account there. With the new GDRP guidelines it is now possible to update your account so it fits to the rules of EU. Tornis is not an organization or company, but we'd still like to give you the chance to control your data. When you're logged in, this can be handled via

    If you forgot your password, you can reset it via

    Maybe we'll meet again! Until then, have a nice time!
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