DNSBL – tornevall.org – DNS Update: Moving resolvers

All secondary DNS servers for tornevall.org is currently being updated. Secondary services will from now on be hosted via Linode. As we are dismounting some internal DNS servers, this is one step in that progress. A second purpose of this change is also to make resolving faster worldwide.

The primary DNS, which is also currently the one that handles listings/delistings will be moved into a multi-address server, which means there are at least three entry points to it.

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  1. The image is not appearing in the delisting request section of your delisting page.
    I get this when checking the page code using Firefox :-
    “response”: [],
    “errors”: {
    “code”: “8”,
    “success”: “”,
    “faultstring”: “[Exception \/usr\/local\/apache2\/htdocs\/tornevall.net\/api.tornevall.net\/3.0\/classes\/apiAuthentication.php, 161]: Trying to access array offset on value of type null”

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