DNS Blacklist – Delisting page

This removal request form partially supports CIDR-formatted controls.

If you can not use this AJAX-based removal form, click here!

Frequently asked support messages

Delisting requests does not work

You can always contact support for help. Read more here.

I’m still listed even if I’ve sent a delist request.

Yes. When sending a delisting request, the database is updated. However, it will take a bit longer before DNS data is synchronized.
Read more here

The deletion time is set in future!

There might be penalty time added to the current host, due to a large amount of delisting request
Read more here!

The ip address has been listed. Why?

Read here (GDPR notice)


    • There’s nothing much to do with the domain itself, since it is the ip address the blacklist are storing. If you have the blacklisted ip address available I can check it out for you.

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