RSS Feed is no longer in beta state

Documentation about the /rss resource can now be found here!

Tornevall Networks has, for a while now, been running a RSS feed agent in a kind of beta mode. This period has been used to safely make sure that the services are really properly running, fetching data and provides the data correct in the feed. So far, the flaws has been very few so it is considered no longer a beta testing.

We are also monitoring RSS-feeds, which may seem a bit contra productive. However, there are purposes for this too. Amongst a few, this makes it possible for us to get a compiled view of multiple sites that handles the same kind of categories. For example, if you have several RSS-feeds for Marvel content, this makes it also possible to merge those feeds into one.

Furthermore, we are also monitoring sites where there are no RSS-feeds available. You can read about the feeder above, at the first link. We also keep track of the total feed agents helping collecting data and the status at

To get a full list of RSS feeds currently available, you can read it in json, instantly from the url below. If you want to add a new feed to this monitor feel free to contact us via the page Contact.