Frequently asked support messages

Delisting requests does not work

You can always contact support for help. Read more here.

You can also use the non-ajax solution –¬†click here!

And DO NOT request for removals through the comment system!

I’m still listed even if I’ve sent a delist request.

Yes. When sending a delisting request, the database is updated. However, it will take a bit longer before DNS data is synchronized.
Read more here

The deletion time is set in future!

There might be penalty time added to the current host, due to a large amount of delisting request
Read more here!

The ip address has been listed. Why?

Read here (GDPR notice)

Can I use CIDR-blocks to do lookups?

Yes. You simply type like this: to request a block of max 255 ip-addresses. You can’t use /8-blocks since they are too large, the block size limit is /16.

How can I reach you?

You can reach Tornevall Networks in different ways. Here’s some: