What does the moral say about cleaning up content on a browser level, when communities refuse doing it for you?

During a very long period some of us has been waiting for a web browser based plugin, that makes it possible to block/remove unwelcome text and content, on for example Facebook. In the beginning, this was all about tests, chainletters, and stuff that was only irritating, for the people reading it.

Time flies by and requests for other filtering functions have starting to pop up that, instead of stupid chainmail, is about politics that only affects the content and not the user (meaning, only the content are blocked and the friend spreading it is not blocked). Still, the content filter is quite free to control, so this is eventually not a problem as the filtering are completely controlled by the user.

However, another aspect of this flow are currently taking form: Is it morally OK to block material with a political agenda? Should you really allow this kind of propaganda be left alone in silence? Even if you and I as persons choose to remove the information from our timelines/flows, the information will still be left there for others to read (and in that form it will become unstoppable). It is with a bit of caution I touch this area, as it might be a very sensitive matter. Therefore I’m looking for questions and feedback for this case.

The plugin is still planned to be built and the work, even if it hasn’t really started yet, can hopefully close up to a start in short. So as said, some kind of feedback would be very great to get here, since things that is left alone in silence, tend to grow big. And soon, it becomes too big to gain control over again.