opm.tornevall.org is still going strong

dnsbl.tornevall.org has been the primary subname for blacklists several years now. However, it still seems that our 13 year old subname opm.tornevall.org is still going strong. The new DNSBL wasn’t supposed to support that part, however since there’s still quite a lot of resolvers running this check it has been reinstated in the API. The DNSBL has only been running a few days so the loss is probably not even notable, but if there’s time for it there might be built a blacklist validator, to see how many hosts missing this opm-part.

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  1. Dear,

    We identified that the IP ( is listing in its database and request removal immediately. Bearing in mind that we have already contacted the customer and taken the appropriate measures.

    Kind regards.
    Rebert Gomes

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