Spamfilter effectiveness in all mailboxes doubled

As of summer 2019 the email-server upgrade is going to be final. During a few weeks the support for virtual domains is in place, DKIM and DMARC is new features and together with SpamAssassin upgrades and the restoring of DNSBL with FraudBL spam filtering should now hopefully be quite effective. Besides of this, there’s a global whitelist installed, which means that some domains that are considered important will be able to duck spam triggering. Users has also, via TorneAUTH the ability to whitelist senders themselves.

The last big change being done this far is the trigger on the spam itself. Historically, spam has been kept intact with a tagged Subject straight into the inbox of the mail account. By means, for each new spammail the messages has been staying put and disturbed the normal mailflow. The last change done, moves all mail flagged with spam to a new Spam-folder, which is automatically created if it does not exist. If you miss any mail – check there.

The final step now is to make all this configurable too. I’m aware that the Spambox may get filled if noone ever checks that mailbox out. What’s up next, is something that cleans up that folder periodically if noone else does it, so we can keep down the mailbox size more effective.

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